Welcome to BESCH. We are glad you are here. A little bit about us...

In April 2004, Besch Designs was created to focus on two passions - photography and interior design. Over the past 13 years, the focus of the photography and projects have changed. From commercial interiors to interior decorating from families photography to event photography. We have enjoyed the journey and much like most things creative you go where the need is and you say YES even if you know you will have to learn something new and stretch your ideas or techniques. That's where the beauty is for us! 

Today, BESCH incorporates 3 lines of business: photography, interiors, creative services. Within these the lines are blurred.

Photography clients are also often interior clients and vice versa. The creative piece is something that is always a part of our lives and while it's not as consistent as the other two, it's important to keep us fresh and engaged in all things that inspire us (nature, furniture, DIY).

For us, we try to change as business changes...with multiple offerings, flexibility and a can-do attitude.. And we hope that when you need anything, you will just call-write-instagram! Most importantly, we want you to succeed at your task whether that be a visual outcome or feeling like you have support  in whatever you are trying to achieve. We love to collaborate, feel a part of the team during the project and make you feel like you made the right choice in working with us.

Now, tell us about YOU...